The out of the box issue
curated by section.a (Vienna)


To mark the 60th anniversary of the ACF London, section.a (Vienna) is curating an exhibition for the ACF and a special edition of the Parabol Art Magazine entitled “The out of the box issue”. The curatorial concept takes off from an artistic view of the site, history and current situation of the Cultural Forum and its staff. The artists invited to take part are developing specific works that create a kaleidoscopic portrait of the institution, entering into a three-dimensional symbiosis with the exhibition venue itself.

Participating artists

Hubert Blanz
Jen Calleja
Marlene Haring
Emma Hart
Kris Hofmann
Vesta Kroese
Lena Lapschina
Manuela Mark
Musarc & Manu Delago
Edith Payer
Robert Rotifer
Tex Rubinowitz
Maruša Sagadin
Anna Weidenholzer


ISBN: 978-3-9503888-5-5
Size: 570 ✕ 420 mm