The in transit issue
curated by Christiane Meyer — Stoll (Vaduz)
On occasion of the fifth anniversary of Kunstquartier Hospiz


In Transit is the title of this special edition of Parabol Art Magazine. It is being published to mark the fifth anniversary of Kunstquartier Hospiz, an initiative founded by Florian and Ursula Werner in St. Christoph am Arlberg. Over the course of these five years, Florian Werner has also converted the hotel into an exhibition venue, launched an artist in residence programme combined with an art award, and established a gallery site in Bregenz. He has succeeded in making art a defining feature of his overall hotel activities and thus in turning the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel into a unique location.

In Transit highlights a topic emblematic of Florian Werner’s work as a hotelier but also of his passionate exploration of art. Florian Werner is literally in transit. The location of the Hospiz itself, along with all of its art activities, is a transitory one. Situated on a trail over an Alpine pass, it has for centuries served those crossing the pass as a place for shelter and accommodation. Using art as a vehicle, Florian Werner taps into a constant source of reflection inherent in this location, which is experienced both as an Alpine site of transit and heteronomy and as a hospitable haven. Becoming fully aware of this place and its conditions requires discomfiture and disturbance: artistic interventions, for example, that interfere with physical spaces, redefine places, provoke different ways of seeing things, and invite surprising perspectives. It is precisely this potential of art that is manifested in the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel. It is ingrained in the structure of the hotel by means of permanent artistic interventions and traces, consistently giving rise to new stories in the long corridors of the hotel.

Florian Werner’s occupation with art means that he too is in a transitory process, a process that takes him, together with section.a, from handling art in a purely passionate manner to dealing with it in a passionately professional manner, inspiring him to embark on ever new, astonishing projects both in and on the mountain with courage and vision.

In this respect, the special edition of Parabol Art Magazine also serves as a transistor – an amplifier and “sounding board” for his future art activities.

Participating Artists

Francis Alÿs
Ovidiu Anton
Siegrun Appelt
Leni Hoffmann
Christian Jendreiko
Jochen Lempert
Klara Lidén
Kristine Osswald
Rivane Neuenschwander
Simon Wachsmuth


ISBN: 978-3-9502144-8-2
Size: 580 ✕ 400 mm