The ritual issue
curated by Verena Melgarejo Weinandt & Imayna Caceres (Vienna / Berlin / Lima)
linked by ROTOR center for contempoary art Graz


Rituals hold peoples together in their need for connecting and transcendence. Determined by power and the hegemonic forces which establish which rituals are valid, the colonialist monopoly of catholicism almost completely displaced any other symbolic system that proposed strategies of resistance for non-dominant groups and positions. In this issue, the invited artists share a deep preoccupation with the intersection of political, sexual, ecological and spiritual realms. Their works push the association between third-world, racialized, gendered bodies and colonial history, political activism and ancestral references, sexual politics and mystical sources.

Participating Artists

Vivian Zurita
Sergio Zevallos
Sophie Utikal
Alessandra Dos Santos
Mariel Rodríguez
Naomi Rincón Gallardo
Maque Pereyra
Antonio Paucar
Eliana Otta
Sandra Monterroso
Ana Mendieta
Verena Melgarejo Weinandt
Marissa Lôbo
Alfredo Ledesma
Pêdra Costa And Taís Lobo
Imayna Caceres
Gloria Anzaldúa


ISBN: 978-3-9503888-7-9
Size: 580 ✕ 400 mm