The uncasual issue
curated by Elfie Semotan (New York / Vienna)


In the fashion industry, “casual” denotes an informal, comfortable style of dress, which is associated with everyday use. The idea behind calling this 7th issue of the Parabol Art Magazine “uncasual”, a term which doesn’t really exist, reflects the ambivalence of representing fashion: mundanity and individuality. It was deliberately not intended to feature any fashion photographer in this issue but artistic positions that Elfie Semotan hopes can change the way fashion is represented in fashion photography, and consequently, influence the role that fashion plays in our lives.

Participating Artists

Jessica Backhaus
Ed van der Elsken
Seydou Keita
Tim Laman
Zoe Leonard
Boris Mikhailov
Peter Puklus
Anneliese Štrba
Daniele Tamagni
Sandy Volz
Michel Würthle


ISBN: 978-3-9502144-6-8
Size: 580 ✕ 400 mm