The don't you dare issue
curated by section.a (Vienna)


This sixth issue of the Parabol Art Magazine, entitled »don’t you dare«, combines fourteen artistic positions exploring the theme of transcending seemingly established boundaries. Social norms are expressed in specific rules which, in turn, stipulate clear forms of behaviour in certain social situations. »Don’t you dare« is both a warning and an invitation, a threat and a temptation to break with these rules. The range of artistic contributions, answers and instructions has a wide spread. The artists invited to take part break culturally and religiously defined codes of behaviour, challenging traditional images of the body and parodying family structures. They ignore respect for privacy and put everyday, personal transgressions into the limelight. They infiltrate the art system and instrumentalise other art works, they misappropriate the magazine for a call for sponsors, they devise drastic forms of representation in order to focus on power relations, and they incite people to commit a criminal act.

Most of the artistic contributions were specially conceived for the magazine. section.a is curating Parabol Art Magazine on its tenth anniversary, thus documenting several years of focusing in depth and passionately on contemporary artistic practices and strategies and their communication to sections of society with no affinity for art – often involving a certain »don’t you dare«.

Participating Artists

Maria Anwander
Miriam Bajtala
Rainer Ganahl
Nilbar Güreş
Marlene Haring
Marlene Hausegger
Hund & Horn
Tatiana Lecomte
Ernst Logar
Michail Michailov
Markus Schinwald
Gerhard Treml
Gregor Zivić


ISBN: 978-3-9502144-5-1
Size: 580 ✕ 400 mm