The you—as—me issue
curated by Cay Sophie Rabinowitz (Basel / New York)


Cay Sophie Rabinowitz invited international artists to explore cultural exchange, otherness, and the self
as a site of projection (as in the image of a mirror image of images). Like a scrapbook, the sequences
document attempts to negotiate and position artistic and critical identity in relation to professional, cultural,
sexual, and gender constructions. The artists she invited in this issue may become a record of her
own identity. In the unconventionally expanded format, the expanded field in which Rabinowitz sees
herself can include a construction conceived by and through others. Parabol‘s contents seem to be a series
of images hiding more than revealing her‚»true« self.

Participating Artists

Ellen Birrell
Carolina Caycedo
Christian Jankowski
Dane Mitchell
Aura Rosenberg
Collier Schorr
Humberto Vélez
Hsuan Hsuan Wu


ISBN: 978-3-9502144-4-4
Size: 570 ✕ 420 mm
Pages: 56
Price: 25 Euro