The displacement issue
curated by Ami Barak (Paris)


The Displacement Issue is a Parabol issue that brings together artists displaying pieces and ideas that are
atypical, unrepresentative or even, antithetical to the work for which they are best known.
By reversing expectations through this presentation of the unexpected, the unfamiliar, the unknown,
the peculiar, this issue is both a revelation and a challenge to the ideas we readily impose on
exhibiting contemporary works of art. Essentially, the aim of Displacement is to focus on art’s specific
ability to point out what we do not know, as well as allowing us to recognize what we do. As a strategy,
this highlights the increasing importance attached to an artist as a personality, rather than focusing
on their practice or the qualities of their individual pieces of work. Further, what will be presented
only support a somewhat unknown representation of the artist’s output and conversely increase the interest
in further exploration of his or her personality.

Ami Barak

Participating Artists

Adel Abdessemed
Boris Achour
Maja Bajevic
Pierre Bismuth
Ulla von Brandenburg
Mircea Cantor
Carsten Höller
Ben Kinmont
Peter Kogler
Zbigniew Libera
David Maljkovic
Valérie Mrejen
Melik Ohanian
Roman Ondák
Dan Perjovski
Joe Scanlan
Simon Starling
Kerry Tribe


Bag concept by Peter Kogler
ISBN: 3-9502144-1-0
Size: 570 ✕ 420 mm
Pages: 56
Price: 20 Euro