The supplement issue
curated by Daniel Baumann (Basel)


For the first issue Daniel Baumann invited several international artists, who publish artist magazines or
related media alongside their own artworks. Baumann focuses on the differences between the
artwork and publications of an artist as well as on the question of the seemingly ideal freedom an artist
has in making her/his own publications and subsequently on the issue of reproduction and distribution itself.

In dealing with these subjects within the context of an art magazine, Baumann points out the complexity
of a format for art in general and, as a result, establishes a perfect vantage point for introducing
Parabol Art Magazine. In order to give our readers the most tangible impression of artist-publications
Parabol Art Magazine includes supplements produced by the artists especially for this issue.

Participating Artists

Céline Duval
Christian Egger
Manuel Gorkiewicz
Wade Guyton
Christian Mayer
Yves Mettler
Mai—Thu Perret
Seth Price
Michael S. Riedel
Magda Tothova
Ruth Weismann
Alexander Wolff


ISBN: 978-3-950214-40-6
Size: 597 ✕ 420 mm
Pages: 48
Price: 40 Euro