AM #1 The supplement issue — curated by Daniel Baumann (Basel)
AM #2 The displacement issue — curated by Ami Barak (Paris)
AM #3 The you-as-me issue — curated by Cay Sophie Rabinowitz (Basel / New York)
AM #4 The value issue — curated by Elsy Lahner (Vienna) and Jasper Sharp (London)
AM #5 The where do you come from issue — curated by Yilmaz Dziewior (Bregenz)
AM #6 The don't you dare issue — curated by section.a (Vienna)
AM #7 The uncasual issue — curated by Elfie Semotan (New York / Vienna)
AM #8 The retooling issue — curated by Peter Weibel (Karlsruhe)
AM #9 The ritual issue — curated by Verena Melgarejo Weinandt & Imayna Caceres (Vienna / Berlin / Lima)


SE #1 The recollection issue — curated by Philipp Kaiser (Basel / Los Angeles)
SE #2 The in transit issue — curated by Christiane Meyer — Stoll (Vaduz)
SE #3 The splitting issue — by Oliver Elser (Frankfurt) & Hagen Stier (Hamburg)
SE #4 The out of the box issue — curated by section.a (Vienna)
SE #5 The kültüř gemma! issue — curated by Gürsoy Doğtaş (Munich)


Parabol Art Magazine is an international periodical for contemporary art in English language, a project by the design agency section.d (Max Haupt-Stummer, Robert Jasensky), the art consultancy section.a (Katharina Boesch, Christine Haupt-Stummer) and the artist Chris Goennawein. Each issue is produced by a curator. Each curator´s task is to examine a contemporary phenomenon in pictures and words on the basis of artistic points of view.

Parabol Art Magazine focuses on the representation of contemporary art in graphic space. Over a period of time, the total pattern created by all of the issues will result in a reflection of central spotlights of contemporary art production, like a two-dimensional exhibition. With its notorious size, the image itself is the main focus of the publication.

List of international awards

Bundesdesignpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland / Parabol AM#3
Joseph Binder Award / Editorial Design / Parabol SE#1
Red Dot Design Award / Nomination / Editorial Design / Parabol AM#3
Art Directors Club Germany / Award / Editorial Design / Parabol SE#1
One Club Design Award / Merit Award / Pulication Design / Parabol SE#1
Creative Club Austria / Silver / Editoral Design / Parabol SE #1
Epica Awards / Shortlist / Parabol SE #1
Red Dot Design Award / Best of the Best / Parabol SE #1
One Club Design Award / Bronze Pencil / Pulication Design / Parabol AM #2
Art Directors Club Europe / Nomination / Graphic Design / Parabol AM #2
Creative Club Austria / Silver / Editoral Design / Parabol AM #2
Berliner Type / Diplom Design / Parabol AM #1
Creative Club Austria / International Award for Graphic Design / Parabol AM #1
Deutscher Designer Club Germany / Bronze / Editorial Design / Parabol AM #1
Red Dot Design Award / Editorial Design / Parabol AM #1
Joseph Binder Award / Editorial Design / Parabol AM #1
London International Award / Graphic Design / Parabol AM #1
Epica Award / Editorial Design / Parabol AM #1
Summit International Award / Gold / Graphic Design / Parabol AM #1